Saturday, May 12, 2012

Roadblocks of Racial Profiling

ATLANTA, GA (By Adelina Nicholls) - Unnecessary roadblocks prompt Fayetteville community meeting with Fairburn Police Chief.  The Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights (GLAHR) calls to end roadblocks associated with racial profiling in immigrant communities.

What: Meeting with Fairburn Police Department 
When: Monday, May 14th 1:00 pm 
Where: 191 South West Broad St. Fairburn, Ga. 30213 
Who: CPG, Fayetteville Community and the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights (GLAHR)

Recent activation of 287(g) agreements, Secure Communities, and HB87, that merge local police with complex federal immigration authorities has led to an increase in racial profiling and discrimination in law enforcement practices. 

In Fayetteville, community members will be meeting with Fairburn Police Chief James McCarthy on Monday the 14th to call for an end to roadblocks they describe as focal points of discrimination. 

Teodoro Maus, President of GLAHR explains, “We have received dozens of concerns from immigrant communities statewide on the amount of roadblocks placed disproportionately in immigrant communities. Many hardworking residents of Fayetteville feel under constant threat due to the proliferation of checkpoints placed throughout their daily lives. Some may attempt to justify the disruptive roadblocks as part of an effort against drugs or crime. But a look at the records would show that they are more effective at separating families and causing a rift with our community than anything else.”

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