Thursday, May 10, 2012

Latino Electorate Will Impact in 2012

Atlanta, GA (By Maria Duarte) - The Georgia Latino Vote 2012 Campaign is excited to announce the ¡Órale 10! Video Contest. This is our second contest of the Georgia Latino Vote 2012 Campaign to further engage the Latino community in Georgia in raising awareness about increasing and mobilizing Latino voters in the 2012 election in Georgia.  

"The Latino electorate in Georgia is growing and will be stronger in 2012. It has grown from only about 10,000 voters in 2003 to well over 150,000 by 2009.  Latinos in Georgia also out performed voter participation rates when compared to the national Latino voter participation rates.  Certainly, competitive races could be determined by the outcome of a committed and engaged citizenry. We will strive to make an impact in every election in 2012," said Jerry Gonzalez, Executive Director of GALEO.

The ¡Órale! Video Contest is open to all high school students and adults residing in the state of Georgia regardless of race, ethnicity or citizenship status. Those interested in the contest are required to complete an entry/media release form, and email a link of their video to maria@galeo. The video must be 3 minutes or less and adhere to the theme of increasing Latino voter registration and turnout for the 2012 elections with an emphasis on the July 31st and November 6th elections. Eligible entries will be posted on and link to YouTube.

Entries will be judged by official judges and also by voters on the YouTube page. Each 'Like' and view on YouTube will count as one point. Entrants are encouraged to share their videos with friends and family to increase their points.Through the generous donation of an anonymous donor, the first place prize is the new iPad. Please go under Contests/Concursos for complete rules and entry forms. Entrants should make a video (no longer than 3 minutes), upload onto YouTube, and send a link of their video by 5:00PM on June 15, 2012.  Entry/media release forms must be received by June 15, 2012 by 5:00PM. The last day for online voting will be Monday, July 2, 2012 by 11:59PM. The earlier a video is submitted and the entry/media release form is received, the sooner your video will be up- loaded to the Georgia Latino Vote website. 
¡Órale 10! is an initiative of the Georgia Latino Vote Campaign. The Georgia Latino Vote Campaign began in 2004 as a non-partisan Latino voter registration and mobilization effort. Today, it remains the largest effort of its kind in the state of Georgia. The ¡Órale 10! initiative was launched in 2010 in light of state anti-immigrant legislative initiatives that spread throughout the country. In order to prevent these types of legislation and anti-Latino and anti-immigrant sentiment among some elected officials, Latinos must engage in the electoral process.

The ¡Órale 10! initiative invites any community member in Georgia to take the pledge of 10 to register 10 new voters, volunteer 10 hours of his/her time to register voters, or donate $10 towards the Georgia Latino Vote campaign. Community members can visit to take the Pledge of 10.

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