Friday, May 25, 2012

Pedro Marin: "This Will Be Street Fighting"

"Qualifying has ended, here we go again. They have try for 10 years thru the election process to take me down. You know what, I am still standing. Now, with reapportionment they are trying with changing my District. I will show them that as a proud Immigrant in a minority-majority county, my voice is needed now more than ever." - Pedro Marin

Atlanta. GA – State Representative Pedro “Pete” Marin has announced his bid for re-election to the Georgia House of Representatives for District 96 in Gwinnett County. Rep. Marin is a senior member of the Industrial Relations Committee; and he also serves on the House Economic Development & Tourism and the Banks & Banking committees. 

Representative Marin has been a member of the House since 2002 and made history that year by being one of the first Latinos to ever been elected to the Georgia General Assembly. 

“As a five-term incumbent, I am eager to return to the Legislature and continue working to help Georgia,” said Rep. Marin. “We have started taking the first steps in re-building Georgia, but there is much left to do. In my ten years I have been able to gain the legislative experience and build the necessary relationships to effectively represent the people of the 9th District at the State Capitol.”

Representative Marin believes now more than ever that it is important for the residents of his district to have a legislator with both experience in the Georgia General Assembly and strong leadership qualities.

“I am seeking re-election in hopes to continue to serve the residents of District 96,” said Rep. Marin. “In the weeks and months ahead, I look forward to visit and meet with my constituents, including many voters who are new to our district as the result of reapportionment. I am eager to hear your concerns and views on the issues facing our state.”

"Gloves are off, this will be street fighting. I am fighting for justice, opportunity, fairness and equality and on behalf of those that don't have a seat at the table, the ones that don't feel they are represented.
I got my game face on."

Pedro and his wife Nereida have been married 29 years and they have one son who graduated from Norcross High School and Georgia State University. 

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