Friday, May 11, 2012

Augusta Riots: 42 Years Later

AUGUSTA, GA - The city's Human Relations Commission was formed after the riots in 1970 to mediate, ease racial tensions and educate the public about diversity. It served as a sounding board for problems in the community.

It was cut from the budget in 2009. The Augusta Richmond County Commission (5 whites and 5 blacks commissioners at that time) perhaps believed that with an African American elected as president of the country the year before, Barack Obama, there were no need for such a board and that all race tensions will vanish in a snap.

Meanwhile, not necessary as a celebration for the election of Mr. Obama, police shootings feed anger that could rear its head again. Some of that was seen after the shooting of Justin Elmore by deputies in Cherry Tree Crossing in December 2008, which led to a near-riot in which bottles and rocks were thrown at police cars. Many individuals claimed they were fed up with racial profiling and harassment by deputies.

The Augusta Richmond County Sheriff Office will have a new leader in 2013. Will the elected Sheriff  in November help to bring peace to Augusta? 

The short movie or documentary or else about the riots in 1970 is a production of Anibal Ibarra with the collaboration of Grady Abrams and Corey Washington. 

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