Sunday, December 18, 2011

Labor of Love Holiday Causes

As you prepare for this holiday season and consider causes that you would like to contribute to here are two  local families with immediate needs that we have selected for our holiday Labor of Love Campaign and would invite you to participate in and assist at whatever level you can afford. (If you cannot assist monetarily then please direct your prayers and positive thoughts towards these families.)
1) Family of four (two parents and two young children) whom we met through the vigil for dear Jorelys Rivera. This family in Canton led the effort to plan and execute the community wide vigil which brought together a diverse crowd of approx. 400 (and thousands more on Facebook) to collectively mourn Jorelys' death, celebrate her life, and dedicate themselves to working together to prevent any child from suffering the same fate. 

They invited us to help bring out and make the Latino community feel welcome at the vigil, which we did together. When we thanked them for standing up for a Latino child their response was "we didn't see a Latino, or Black or White child--we just saw a child".  We later found out that this family who sacrificed their time, effort, and expense to bring together the community is facing possible foreclosure and loss of their vehicle, and that just $2500 will get them back on track--so any amount contributed will help.
2) Another community minded individual lives alone in Decatur and she recently spent 45 days assisting her ailing mother, who recently passed, to help her transition into the next world. Because of this she fell behind on her rent and is facing eviction this week. Again, any amount will help.
You can send your donation through a check made out to "Labor of Love" to 1526 Greenbrook Dr, Austell, GA 30168, or by credit/debit card through paypal at , and if you have a preference of donating to one or the other friends listed above please indicate otherwise your contribution will be split evenly between them.

Rich Pellegrino

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