Sunday, November 9, 2014

Protest Vote on the Rise

AUGUSTA, GA (Anibal Ibarra) - The Richmond County Board of Elections certified the results for the November 4 elections. One of the changes comparing other elections is the significant increase of write-in as a protest vote by the electorate, probably not happy with the candidates presented on the ballots.

Charles Byrd was elected as a write-in candidate for Soil and Water Commissioner with 146 votes.

A record 329 write-in votes (1.39%) were cast against the lone Democratic candidate for Senate District 22, Harold Jones, who received 98.61% of the votes.

Most Democratic Party candidates won in Richmond County with a few exceptions but in statewide races the outcome was considerable in favor of the Republican Party to keep absolute control of power in Georgia.

Local Democratic Party officials will hold its public meeting November 12 on 1101 Greene Street, downtown Augusta, at 7:30 PM, according to an invitation sent by the Richmond County Democrats, to “call on all present for their views on why we got bombed in the election and what we can do about it. This is regrouping time and most of us are “mad as hell!”

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