Thursday, October 9, 2014

Free Book Program

AUGUSTA, GA (Anibal Ibarra) - The Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in cooperation with Mayor Deke Copenhaver’s Office kicked off the Augusta Book Program as part of this year’s 25th Annual Greek Festival.  Through this new program, thousands of brand new text books from mainline publishers will be distributed during festival hours free of charge to any private or charter schools, homeschool and after school programs, libraries, or to any needy groups or families that may utilize them to enhance and promote higher standards of education among the youth throughout CSRA.

The Augusta Book Program is seeking interested community/neighborhood groups to come out and learn more about the program and establishing a library initiative in their community.  Representatives from communities that have already establish such a program were present to share their programs and what this contribution from The Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church and the Augusta Book Program will mean to them.

The initial program cost involved $50.000. Participants at the Greek Festival don’t have to buy anything if they chose not to in order to access to the thousands of books and take some of them home, according to the benefactors. The are just taking the opportunity of the annual festival to have more exposure of the book program.

The festival is free of charge to enter as the books offered but food, beverage and other items have their own costs. It will end Sunday 12 at evening.

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