Friday, August 29, 2014

Transit Advisory Board Kick-off

AUGUSTA, GA (Anibal Ibarra) - It has been over a year since Mayor Deke Copenhaver signed off on and Augusta Commissioners approved the proposal to form a citizens advisory committee for public transit. Known as the Transit Citizens Advisory Committee, the TCAC held its first official meeting this week.

It has formally begun its work by electing its first Chair, Terence Dicks a public transit consumer for more than 20 years (District 2) and Vice Chair, Denice Traina, a public transit advocate and 2012 candidate for Commissioner in District 1.

(Delegation appointee) Other members include Jonathan Aceves (District 1), Charles Cummings (Delegation), Willie Jones (District 5), Betty Rece (District 4) and Bill Quinn (District 3)

Introductions to Transit staff included Transit Contract Manager Sharon E. Dottery who will serve the TCAC as its Secretary, David Jones Asst. General Manager, Mark A. Dorner, Mcdonald Transit General Manager, Kenneth S. Bray, staff attorney and Coletta Singleton Long Range Transportation Planner.

Vice Chair Traina encouraged the Committee  to review the contents of the Transportation Plan provided by Ms. Dottery especially the 2009 Summary of a study and its findings for future discussion. Ms.Dottery also confirmed that although there is no Transit Director in place at this time however an American with Disabilities Act Coordinator, Denise Mulkey has recently been assigned to fill that role for the City of Augusta, but not officially confirmed.

After more than 30 years of service, Heyward Johnson left the Augusta Public Transit office in 2011 and a private company Mobility took over. Johnson was the director of the APT and running the operation of the department of public transportation as part of the city. The private company only lasted for a year and another company McDonald Transit took over the operation of the department until the present.

The tone was serious and all of the members conveyed their commitment to serving on the transit committee. One consumer, Kwang Tae spoke up about his hope that expanded service would be available to Augustans in the future.

Recently the Augusta Richmond County Commission approved a student transportation contract with transit fees of $2.75 per student per quarter for Virginia College students to receive transportation services to and from campus with valid student identification cards issued by the college at no direct charge to the student as presently being done with other area colleges.


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