Saturday, October 20, 2012

Merge of School Busses and Augusta Public Transit

The Augusta Public Transit (APT) was in the process of merging with the Richmond County Board of Education bus system when the privatization of the operation of the APT occurred a year ago. Mobility Transit, LLC came to scene maybe without being aware that deliberately or not became a weapon of mass transportation destruction.

The BOE member Marion Barnes, running for reelection, supports the idea of consolidating bus systems but not with Mobility Transit, LLC on the way. For Barnes both systems must be publicly managed and operated.

Denice Traina, candidate for District One Commissioner supports the idea, also. "Throughout my campaign I have heard unanimous agreement among an incredibly diverse electorate who all want to see a more vital and modern Augusta. I continue to support the decision to hire a qualified Director of Transportation who will get us on our feet and bring us much closer to truly entering an age of commuter transit that will not only benefit businesses downtown but will prove to stabilize our families and in turn our community at large."


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