Thursday, August 28, 2014

Neighbors TIRED of Tires

ATLANTA, GA (Anibal Ibarra) - During the 2013 session of the Georgia General Assembly, House Bill 226 was passed which included changes related to tire carrier responsibilities and tire storage requirements. These changes went into effect April 30, 2013. The City of Atlanta has updated its scrap tire ordinance to comply with state law changes. The Initiative to Reduce and Eliminate Dumping (TIRED) has being working on the issue for several years educating and cleaning dumping areas.

During the last forum organized by TIRED, Steve Carr made a presentation about the discarded tires, the problems and the proposed solutions.


Unsightly, blight along with paper and plastic trash. A sign of a depreciated community and urban decay. General community depression. Many properties with dumped tires are owned by banks, hedge funds and large Atlanta and US corporations.

Discarded tires with water/rain water in them. It takes only 5 days for mosquito eggs to morph into adult mosquitos. Mosquito-borne deseases:

Malaria - causes anemia and fever and red cell break-up
West Nile Virus - respiratory/breathing problems
Yellow Fever - very serious, hurts bad and can kill
Dengue - can kill
Chikungunya - new virus spreading to America
Lacross Encephalitis - serious brain infection
Lymphatic Filaiasis - chronic lower limb problems, primarily in Haiti
Rift Valley Fever - serious and often fatal

Citizens and homeowners get criminally cited for having “discarded tires” with misdemeanor criminal citations to the Atlanta Municipal Court with potential sentence of 0 to 6 month in jail and/or fine of $500 to $1000 with additional surcharges. The suspect is not provided an attorney or a jury trial. This can be requested in writing before the court case is called.

Citizens and homeowners are picking up “discarded tires” at their financial detriment. Costs are $1.25 per car tire to Liberty Scrap Tire plus time of our lives, fuel to get there and back, wear and tear on tour vehicle and you and potential health and injury hazards.

Well funded public organizations (meaning theoretically that you own them and paying their salaries and operations) are not doing their jobs.

City of Atlanta - criminally penalizing us and not helping citizens with this huge public health issue

Fulton County Health Department - penalizing us and not helping citizens

State of Georgia - hi-jacking (stealing) the $3.00 per tire dedicated surcharge into the Georgia general fund - spent on anything else

Center for Disease Control en Prevention (CDC+P) - not insisting that the US Congress and all 50 states affirmatively legislate and get President Barack Obama to protect our public health

National Institute of Health (NIH) - also is not pro-actively dealing with these public health issues

World Health Organization (WHO) - discarded tires and mosquito-borne diseases are a world-wide public health problem that is not being adequately addressed by WHO and its parent organization, the United Nations

And well funded private organizations such as the National Association of Manufacturers and te US Chamber of Commerce, big pharma, the American Medical Association, the American Hospital Association and many others.

Proposed Solutions

Communities should confiscate vacant properties that have tires and trash on them, clean them up and promote community uses like “people’s parks” and community gardens - leave the tires on the curb and trash in Atlanta HerbieCurbies for Atlanta Sanitation/Public Works to pick-up and properly recycle and dispose.

Citizens and homeowners should use “deet”and mosquito repellants as well as install, replace or repair window and door screens.

With the elimination of “discarded tires,” the Atlanta and Fulton County “discarded tire” citations would cease to exist.

Promote the Georgia General Assembly to increase the new tire surcharge to $5.00 and pay $4.00 to anyone bringing “discarded tires” to Scrap Tire Recyclers. The remaining $1.00 to be used for publicity and on-site administration and payout to scrap tire haulers and citizens recyclers - and not to the Georgia general fund.

Take time (hopefully an hour every week or so) to repeatedly phone as many of the influential people and organizations to demand that they as public policy-makers take pro-active measures to protect our public health - such as needing a “bounty-deposit” on “discarded tires” and demand “manufacturing responsibility” by replacing the steel bands (threads) in tires so they can be shredded into crumb-rubber to be used in road construction, road maintenance and repair, playground mulch, etc.

Carr said about people paying the disposal fee for tires then having to clean tires dumping areas as “enhanced slavery with a smile.”

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