Friday, January 3, 2014

Tameka Allen is the Interim Administrator of Richmond County

From the City's Website   
UPDATE: Tameka Allen was appointed Interim Administrator effective January 7, 2014, of Richmond County until a permanent one is found and hired. The Mayor can't have two salaries and absolute power after all. The information was learned from other sources than the city officials. Fred Russell was fired last month by the Commission during a closed door emergency meeting. Later the Commission elected the Mayor to fill the Administrator duties. According to the information we have received the Mayor by law can't have both positions. 

Part of the January 7, 2014 session:

Allen is the IT Department Director and the Deputy Administrator at the same time until the present. On January 7 the Commission will have to do some decisions to reevaluate her duties and to clarify why a person can have many titles in deferents departments, according to sources, but the item is not included in the agenda for the regular session.

When last month the Commission decided to give the Mayor the signing power of documents related to the Administrator duties apparently the legislative body incurred in some conflict of interests that should be rectified in the next sessions or was already fixed in closed doors.

Tameka S. Allen graduated from Augusta State University with a master’s degree in business administration in 2005. She also holds a bachelor of science degree in computer science and an associate of science degree in computer engineering, both from Savannah State University.

UPDATE JUNE 2014: From a powerful Administrator with Russell for years to a powerless Allen. Watch the interaction with Commissioners, who put her to solve the problems she inherited, to be slapped in the face when she requested approval to continue constructions the Commission allowed to start prior she took the interim post. 

Who will want to be in her position?

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