Thursday, January 9, 2014

Georgia Democrats Hopeful of Regaining Power in 2014

The coming year is our year for Georgia Democrats to take back the Insurance Commission and all other state offices that are in play. Currently all state offices are run by Republicans. With Jason Carter, the grandson of Jimmy running for Governor and excellent candidates for the US Senate seat vacated by Saxby Chambliss and Elizabeth Johnson running for Commissioner of Insurance, we can make a big dent in the Georgia office holders.

This will take hard work especially because of several elections before November. The Republicans have forced early primaries for all State Representatives as well as runoffs and voting for non-partisan elections (including Mayoral candidates) at the primary election. This creates a problem of getting all Democrats to come out to vote in a year about four times. This may affect the minority vote as the Republicans know.

Voter suppression is not new to Georgia as the Republicans continue to demand items such as IDs, reducing early voting days, Gerrymandering voting borders, and now numerous elections. All to reduce the vote.

The Richmond County Democratic Party is well aware of these schemes and will be advising you constantly about voting days. It is your cooperation which will lead us to victory.

Local Seats up for election in 2014:

Mayor of Augusta
Commission Seat 2 (Corey Johnson, term limited)
Commission Seat 4 (Alvin Mason, term limited)
Commission Seat 6 (Joe Jackson, term limited)
Commission Seat 8 (Wayne Guilfoyle)
Commission Seat 10 (Grady Smith)

Board of Education Seat 2 (Eloise Curtis)
Board of Education Seat 3 (Alex Howard)
Board of Education Seat 6 (Jack Padgett)
Board of Education Seat 7 (Frank Dolan)
Board of Education Seat 9 (Venus Cain)

- Chairman Lowell Greenbaum

"A Vote for Carter is a Vote for Big Government"

(Atlanta, GA) - According to an InsiderAdvantage/ FOX 5 News survey released today, Republican Governor Nathan Deal holds a commanding 20-point lead over liberal State Senator Jason Carter of Decatur.  Following the release of the poll results, the Georgia Republican Party issued the following statements:

"The latest InsiderAdvantage poll shows a clear rejection of Jason Carter's candidacy by voters throughout Georgia," said Ryan Mahoney, spokesperson for the Georgia Republican Party.  "Despite the bi-partisan rhetoric spewing from the liberal senator's mouth, voters know that a vote for Carter is a vote for big government, big tax, big debt policies that will bankrupt this state and set us back indefinitely.

"Sen. Carter's ruse as a moderate isn't fooling anyone. Liberals lie but numbers don't." 

The InsiderAdvantage/FOX5 survey interviewed 529 registered voters in Georgia on the evening of January 6.  The margin of error is +/- 4.6%.

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