Saturday, July 28, 2012

Rally to Stop Deportations

On August 6th will take place a gathering of youth, families and allies from across the region to call for a facility wide review of the Broward Detention Center, and to ask that all low-priority deportations there be deferred just like that of Enrique.

Over the course of the last month organizers from across the country came together in Florida to find the stories behind the statistics. And so far they were able to find 55 of these families, all suffering family separation and deportation, despite not being a priority.

"You've already heard about a few of them, remember Enrique? the detainee who was urinating blood. Well, good news, because of your work we were able to secure Enrique's release! The other 54 cases we have are just like his case, all low-priority and eligible for the same discretion he was given.

We already have students confirmed from Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina and even Indiana! With your support we can have an even larger impact. This action is going to be crucial because, starting this week, many of the families we are working with are going to start a hunger-strike and so we need to show our support on the outside.

Ending low-priority deportations at Broward would help detainees like Luis Villanueva. Luis, a day laborer was detained on November 14th for no reason. He was standing outside of a Home Depot looking for work when a police officer showed up and told him to 'get in the car before I hit you with my stick.' Despite being a low-priority deportation not only has Luis been detained for 9 months but he's also set to be deported any day now!

Each story from this detention center is just like the previous one, detained for no reason or really basic racial profiling and held for a long-period of time. We know we can stop these deportations, but we need your help to do it. If you can't sponsor a rider maybe you know someone who can?"


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