Friday, July 27, 2012

Presidential Candidate to Visit Atlanta

ATLANTA, GA - Dr. Jill Stein will be in Georgia next week, most likely  arriving the evening of August 2 and staying through most of August 3. The Georgia Green Party (GGP) has a viable local Green candidate in Atlanta for the state legislature who has been petitioning for ballot access. The Green Party presidential candidate will be an incentive for the needed verified signatures of almost 1600 registered voters that will put Kwabena Nkromo on the ballot in November.

In addition, the odds before the courts for putting Stein-Honkala on the Georgia ballot are enhanced when the GGP deliver at least five thousand signatures for the state-wide candidates Stein-Honkala.

Kwabena Nkromo has received the nomination of the Georgia Green Party in the contest for the newly District 57 of the Georgia House of Representatives.  This district is where the Georgia republicans have pitted two relatively popular Democrats against each other - this coming Tuesday - such that only one of them will survive.

The district runs from west of the historic West End area toward the state capital and then runs up a narrow portion  of Peachtree and a couple of blocks east and west of Peachtree all the way up to 14th Street and including what is known as Midtown Atlanta. Then the district turns a little east and goes on up into areas around Piedmont Park, Johnson Estates, and the Morningside communities.

Green representative will face the winner of Pat Gardner, currently representing the Midtown part of the district, and Rashad Taylor, currently representing the southwest and West End part of the district. Kwabena Nkromo has community ties in the Westview [very near West End] neighborhood where he recently served as the chair to his Neighborhood Planning Unit T.

He has additional ties to community planning and specifically community planning around local agriculture initiatives. He has some support from individuals associated with local Occupiers, both Occupy Atlanta and Occupy the Hood, plus his campaign treasurer is the well known civil rights activist Joe Beasley.

"As soon as we meet this ballot access milestone here in Georgia, we are asking that you turn your attention to helping Jill Stein make the $5000 in matching funds from Georgia. If Georgians will step up to help make that milestone before September 6, it would help ensure that Jill had the funds to come back to Georgia before the November election," according to party officials.


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