Saturday, July 28, 2012

Who Protect People?

Police brutality is not new news. The problem is that citizens and residents do not have where to go when the forces to protect act the same as the organized crime. In Richmond County voters are going to cast for a new Sheriff in the November elections. The question is: Will any of the candidates, Democrat or Republican, protect the citizenry from the organized crime or regular burglars or all of them are going to protect institutions and individuals the way Wall Street is being protected from the occupy movement?

The mission of the Police is to protect individuals and properties, but in so many occasions the Police is being reported as protectors of some elements in power and putting people in jail many time with no probable cause. The Prison Industry Complex is their main motivation in those cases, activists suspect.

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It will be interesting to hear from the Richmond County candidates for Sheriff if they are going to reform the Sheriff Office and how the deputies will react to events. In short, if the RCSO will be part of the solution to the problem of trust in the community toward the department and if the department will protect properties and individuals no matter what their checking accounts or profiles in the stock market looks like.

The Trade, Exhibit and Event (TEE) Center will host the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police convention at the opening of the embattled building targeted with all kind of accusations. The taxpayers in Richmond County hope that the event being host at the TEE Center is only a coincidence not a message that the Police will be there to protect the interest of Augusta Riverfront, LLC and associates against any public outcry or intention to investigate all the dealings that took place with the construction of that building and others.


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