Tuesday, June 12, 2012

DREAM Activists to Obama: Change What?

ATLANTA, GA - DreamActivist Georgia along with community members and supporters will rally outside the Obama for America campaign office demanding that his administration stop the deportation of DREAM Act eligible youth by signing an Executive Order.

"We know that President Obama has the power to issue an Executive Order and stop Dream Act eligible deportations and we demand that he use his power to take action today." ~ Martin Lopez DreamActivist GA

"We have many open cases of dreamers here in Georgia who are facing deportation proceedings for things such as driving without license. Jesus Cruz is a clear example of how Prosecutorial discretion is not working and we now need the strength of an Executive Order to stop these deportations" ~ Nataly Ibarra, DreamActivist of Georgia.

"We have had patience for too long and will no longer stand by and continue to count the record number of deportations that tear families apart. President Obama's administration's in-action has forced us to take direct action and we are not turning back."

What: Rally Demanding that President Barack Obama grant an Executive Order stopping all Dream Act eligible deportations.

When : Wednesday June 13th ,2012

Time: 7:00pm

Where: OFA-GA headquarters in Atlanta
171 Auburn Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30303

*Marta Accessible! Georgia State Station*

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