Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Denying Economic Development in Augusta

AUGUSTA, GA - A west Augusta neighborhood association lobbied to stop a new luxury apartment complex from being built and the Augusta Richmond County Commission unanimously denied to approve a rezoning request. The question is: Develop or not develop? Another question is: Don't we want jobs, more tax revenues and the likes?

A planning and zoning committee has denied the developer's request to rezone 17 acres of land on Augusta West Parkway.

The land borders with Hillcreek neighborhood, and those who live there say they are concerned with noise, traffic, and decreased property values.

One Augusta Commissioner says the complex will create tax revenue for the city.

"The biggest concern that the Commission will hear is...Planning and Zoning denied it, what was their justification in denying this petition, and is it legally defensible to uphold, and if it is, I see no problem with denying it," said Augusta Commissioner Joe Bowles.

www.anibalshow.comIt is very difficult for outsiders to understand the will of the governing body since there are green light for some developers in Augusta to built whatever are in their plans and in whatever location citywide. In one hand Mayor Deke Copenhaver portrait himself as a champion in economic development and bringing jobs to Augusta, but on the other hand one must be part of the "fraternity" to have the blessing to do business with the local government or trying to invest in the community.

Investors and developers interested in doing business in Augusta should contact first with Augusta Riverfront, LLC and RW Allen & Associates Construction Co. to have success in their dealings with the Augusta government. The "fraternity" is genius in tax money and "air rights" properties developments.

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