Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Drug Court Saving Taxpayers

AUGUSTA, GA- Judge Carlisle Overstreet, 66, serves as the chief judge of the district made up of Burke, Columbia and Richmond counties. He was appointed to office in 1991 by then-Gov. Zell Miller to fill the unexpired term of retiring Superior Court Judge Franklin Pierce. Over­street won an election for the seat the following year.

He became chief judge in 2008, succeeding Superior Court Judge William Fleming. “I’ve been on the bench for 20 years, and I’ve practiced law for 20 years so I’ve had some challenges, but I’m looking forward to another four years,” he said.

He is running for a sixth term as Superior Court judge on the non-partisan primary ballot this summer.

A man was shot to death by Judge Carlisle Overstreet after breaking into his house in 2010. 

Sheriff Ronnie Strength said his office advocates that people be armed and follow the judge's example.
"We support that 100 percent," the sheriff said. "If somebody breaks into your home, we expect and hope that what Judge Overstreet did this morning would be done by any other citizen."

The sheriff said he has known Overstreet for about 45 years and called him a "good marksman."

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