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2015 New Year's Revolution

Bills to be considered in 2015 in Georgia

By Rich Pellegrino - The Atlanta area, where I reside, or Ferguson, New York, you name it... are all just a microcosm of government and government agencies who are supposed to be public servants—serving all of the public equally and equitably-- gone wild, everywhere in this country, according to the whims of everyone (business interests, elected reps, non-profit groups, advocacy groups—including mine), resulting in a state of well-disguised anarchy in which there is really no longer an adequate system of governance that represents the people’s will or cares for anyone but the elite. 

It has been irreparably co-opted and sold out. This is nothing new; it is just news now thanks to camera-phones and social media, which are causing lame-stream media to cover it.

This city, state and country, as well as the world we live in, are much different than when all the constitutions, codes and laws were devised, whether local, state or federal, and have not expanded and adapted adequately to the new exigencies which change and growth inevitably brings.  

Additionally, due to their complications and lack of relevance or timeliness, as well as being sold to the highest bidders,  the knowledge, interpretation and use of these mechanisms of governance are relegated to a “professional” or “privileged class” that is largely old, white, elite, separated, in ivory towers far from the common people, and supported financially by those who then manipulate the system for their own benefit—a virtual free for all and state of anarchy disguised as order. 

It is therefore too far gone, in my opinion, to repair, as its’ controlling interests will never give it up, and must be re-formed and replaced with a system of governance “of and by the people” starting with local assemblies, building unity and consensus at the local level without the influence of moneyed interests, leading ultimately  to new laws and constitutional conventions. 

The mechanisms of how to accomplish this are open to discussion and should be part of the local assemblies’ deliberations. Too much energy and resources go into trying to repair or “true” the existing system while there must be a stronger parallel movement to replace it. This is where I believe the left and right, and everyone in between, can find common ground, though there will have to be trust building and compromises as we work out the details of such a movement, which will involve some truth and reconciliation regarding past hurts, especially along racial and cultural lines. 

(One way I am reprogramming myself to try and remain more objective is by remembering “it is the system and not the people”. ) And our youth will have to be at the forefront of this movement, for not only is it true that they will be the inheritors of whatever we do, but they have special insights and energy, and are the most unique generation in history, with access to the most information and to each other than any before. 

Without this coming together, we will remain divided, there will be no change in this country, and the world will pass us by with future generations saying “too bad, that country they used to call the U.S. did some great things but missed the opportunity to be the most diverse and unified country and a moral world leader for positive change.”

My recent and past interactions with both local and national politicians and parties, and elected representatives of all political parties, of current and past administrations, convinces me of the above—it is not a matter of putting the “right people” into office in this corrupted system, which is akin to putting new wine in old wineskins.  

So I will dedicate or rededicate myself to this “revolution”: the non-violent replacement of our system of governance, with the smoothest transition possible, safeguarding at all times the inclusiveness, dignity, well-being, peace and security of all peoples involved.  If you would like to join me in this quest, and/or if you are already doing it and would like us join forces, please contact me...and


Some Replies to my New Year’s Text & FB Question: 

“What is Your New Year’s Revolution”?  

(Note: I intentionally asked for New Year’s “Revolutions” however apparently some read it as “Resolutions” or thought I meant that, but it is all good Smile)

To not let anything stop me from reaching my goals. (from the leader of a program to help young men of color)

New Year’s Revolution: I like that and hope it comes about To help better the world and help the people. (from a youth leader)

I do what I do. (from someone who dedicates her time to the artistic development of youth)
All of us or none!  (from a community advocate)

Feliz Año Nuevo: educate, organize, celebrate! (from a community advocate)

Keep on keepin on! (from a community advocate)

Stay away from Revolution brother; they usually don’t work out as advertised (from an Iranian American and community advocate, who fled the Iranian Revolution)

Man, this has been some year...we will do more in 2015 (from a civil rights activist and community advocate)

Other than my own self-discovery, I’m actively searching for something to revolve! (from a community organizer)

My New Year Revolution is Black Jesus Reparations. (from a serial entrepreneur with a conscience)
Consistant!   (from a community organizer)

Service to others! The world needs luv! (from a community advocate)

Fight the Power! (from a serial entrepreneur, professor, youth mentor, and community advocate)

Prosperity!  (from a community advocate)

Sweep out the incumbents! (from a community advocate)

No more poverty and hatred in the world, in Jesus’ name! (from a pastor and community advocate)

From Its Bigger Than You  (youth led and youth served activist movement and coalition) 

Our New Year's Revolution is to encourage more young people to become involved in the movement, as well as working toward acting upon our initiatives to engage, educate, and empower.

From New Order National Human Rights Organization Founder: I will be even stronger in the community

To live with a greater sense of purpose! (from a community advocate)

To continue to grow, prosper, learn and continue to share the wisdom I have gained with the people I come in contact with. (from one of my six daughters—the serious one Smile)

Some of the more light-hearted replies (several of which are from some of my other sons and daughters):

Eat less chicken!
Death to the infidels!
To get money!
To be the best I can be, and drop 37 lbs...woohoo!

And finally, my vote for two of the best short animations of the year:

1) The Secret History of the American Empire: Economic Hitmen 

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