Thursday, February 7, 2013

Broun Defying GOP Pit of Hell

"Rep. (Paul) Broun represents the worst and most extreme element of the Republican Party," Mike Berlon, Georgia Democratic Party chairman, said in an e-mail. "If there is a living God, we'll be facing him as the Republican nominee in November of 2014. Unfortunately, we're probably not that lucky."

Georgia is a red state, but it contains some Democratic strongholds and moderate voters who might opt to go with a conservative Democrat over a controversial Republican. With the right Democratic nominee and the wrong GOP one, Democrats may stand a chance of surprising a lot of people.

A potential candidate not assuring running for the seat hold by Saxby Chambliss in the U.S. Senate, John Barrow, stated that the senator "is someone I’ve respected throughout our time working together. No doubt he’ll continue to do great things after leaving the Senate."

Nevertheless, according to a supporter: "Paul Broun will do fine, and my check is in the mail. This is Washington speak, folks who know nothing about the people of Georgia. No Democrat is going to be elected in Georgia, especially in the wake of the backlash against Obama, who is anathema to most Georgians. The voters are not going to do one thing to enable Obama's further shredding of the Constitution, and they are going to send a message to establishment Repbulicans like more phony conservatives."

On the other side: "Paul Broun, the congressman's father, was a main street Republican, getting transportation allocations and research money for Athens, GA when he served in the Georgia house. Mr. Broun was a decent man.

His son is a nut, believing that the theory of evolution is a government sponsored plot to drive God out of the schools, never failing to find a camera to pray in front of for his opponents wayward path.

He's a perfect candidate for the GOP."

Broun will have to survive the civil war going on in the Republican Party and probably won't have the luck he had in the last election in November 2012. His opponent was dead some time ago.

Town Hall meeting in Evans, Georgia, 2011

Broun is already starting a campaign less than two months after being reelected for third term in a new U.S. Congressional District 10th. His new constituents are scratching their heads how he will manage to represent them in the House while campaigning for Senate this early in the game.

Usually representatives spend one year doing some work at the Capitol in Washington D.C. then the second year they spend campaigning. 

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