Saturday, February 9, 2013

Should Pregnancy Be Criminalized?

If aborting after a rape could be criminalized, according to bills being pushed in some states, pregnancy in general could be considered imminent act of abortion. Therefore, women in fear of ending up in jail might just terminate their lives all together, since even miscarriage could be part of the criminal justice code.

The reasoning behind criminalizing abortion after a rape is 'tampering evidence' of the rape eliminating the fetus.

When miscarriage occurs the victim might decide to comite suicide in those states considered anti abortion, since the mother could be suspicious of abortion, too.

If a victim of rape decides not to abort the fetus but a miscarriage occurs, still could face criminal charges, therefore she would be incline to comite suicide. The victims of sexual violence in those states are going to become the criminals.

The bills in discussions in 2013 are trying, to not only degenerate the criminal justice, but probably to criminalize pregnancy and put women in terror mood, against their own nature of motherhood.

Why lawmakers in those states are persuing women's uterus?

The answer probably have to do with the massive national debt. If women have the choice to abort and clinics to go, there will be less people to pay the bills in the future, and that is more important than women's constitutional rights.

Defenders of the Second Amendment and Capital Punishment are in better shape when it comes to protection from lawmakers and public opinion, but women's constitutional rights. In that front, the U.S. is in a way of making the Taliban proud for influencing the minds of our lawmakers in regard of women's treatment under the rule of law.

The difference with our lawmakers is that they frame laws against women; for the Taliban there is no wasting of time on laws. Is that a credit for the U.S.?

An early prototypical anti-rape female tampon was invented in late 2000 by Jaap Haumann, a South African man, for the purpose of preventing rape. 

In some part of the world rape is used as weapon of war. 

In the U.S. many women see the attack of lawmakers in their health care and control of their bodies as a war against them.

"Illegal Fetus"

Georgia's Governor Nathan Deal and his supporters say the 14th Amendment wording was never meant to automatically give citizenship to babies born to illegal immigrants. There is no surprise that most of the 22 states pushing anti abortion bills are ruled by conservatives.

The bills in question could give these Taliban mentalities rulers the legal frame to deny citizenship to fetuses inside their "illegal mothers" or "anchor babies" and probably prosecuted as criminal, since they trespassed the border, or smuggled, to born here.

Maybe that is why the pro-lifers want to legalize the egg as a human being, so if this egg is conceived outside the U.S. border can be considered already a human and subject to criminal prosecution after leaving the mothers's womb.


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