Friday, February 8, 2013

10th Congressional District Seat First Runner

Columbia County conservative Republican official and 'TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party' leader Brian Slowinski announced he is running for the 10th Congressional District Seat in 2014. Current Congressman Paul Broun is not seeking reelection but is running for the United States Senate seat, which is open with Senator Saxby Chambliss retirement.

Slowinski stated that Congressman Broun had gotten it right with his adherence to the United States Constitution during his terms.  Slowinski addressed the number one issue in the campaign, which is the Economy. “Government is taxing and spending away the American Dream of the future
generations!” comment Slowinski.

“We need to elect men and women of principle who will address runaway government and save America from ruin. I am running so my six children can follow their dreams without a government taking away their God-given rights or the America we love.”

“I have the background as a fighter for freedom, a leader for liberty and a everyday person not part of the professional political class. We all need to live under the same rules including Congress if we are serious about addressing the moral and fiscal problems of this nation.”

Slowinski added that the campaign "would focus on a 25 county grassroots organization utilizing a hi tech/low tech communication approach. The Slowinski grassroots campaign will be everywhere like busy little bees. Our campaign colors are black and yellow because we are for the little fella."

The past chairman of the county Republican Party ran unsuccessfully for a school board post last year  and not everybody in Columbia County is happy with his decision to run. About 11,000 county registered voters remain in the 10th District, which was redrawn before the 2012 elections.

Brian Slowinski Political Background in Georgia in 2013
  • Local County Chairman-Columbia County 'TEA Party'
  • County Executive Board-Columbia County Republican Party
  • District Treasurer- 12th Congressional District Republican Party
  • State Committeeman- GAGOP State Committee 12th District
  • State Scholar- Republican Leadership for Georgia Class of 2012
  • State Scholar- Conservative Policy Leadership Institute Class of 2013
  • Spokesman and Founder- Greater CSRA Conservative Coalition
  • Precinct Chair- Savannah Rapids Pavilion

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