Monday, January 28, 2013

Saving Lake Olmstead

AUGUSTA, GA - Lakemont Homeowners Association requested to do something to restore Lake Olmstead at a Commission committee meeting. The group learned, from a notice of the U.S. Corp of Engineers, that the city’s $4 million 2009 sales tax appropriation for dredging was intended only for the upper portion and a lower edge adjoining the Augusta Canal, after years of homeowner association communications with city officials about the application status.

The decision, however, has been in the works for years and always has been to dredge the upper portion because it bears the brunt of silt accumulation from the entire Rae’s Creek basin, said city Engineering Director Abie Ladson.

The corps recommended the city include similar dredging projects at other sites along the basin – including Aumond Lake, Hiers Pond and Warren Lake – in its application for convenience, but the $4 million is designated for the two sites at Olmstead, he said. Ladson estimated the cost of cleaning the whole lake could reach $20 millions. The Commission committee decided to continue negotiating with the corp.

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