Thursday, September 6, 2012

Democratic Convention in Charlotte

"Insult to the Muslims in Augusta and Central Savannah River Area (CSRA)"

"Todays editorial in the Augusta Chronicle is one of the worst pieces of "Yellow Journalism" I have seen. It quotes an unnamed source that President Obama has a Muslim name and is pulling back from fighting Muslims. I have sent the following to the editors."

To The Augusta Chronicle:

Having just returned from the Democratic convention, I can understand the frustration and fear of the Augusta Chronicle as evidenced in its editorial (Augusta Chronicle September 7) which tries to deny the impact of President Obama’s speech on the nation.

In fact, they are so frightened by it that they stooped to the lowest form of demagoguery by attempting to paint him a Muslim who is pulling back from fighting other Muslims. This is a move to rally the worst element to their side. By worst, I mean those who cannot abide that the president is a man of color and will do and say anything to demean him. The Chronicle has unleashed a position which will cause many to lose even more respect for their political editorials than many of us already had. The editorial is an insult to Muslims in Augusta and the CSRA.

The Chronicle should be really attacking the speech by Mitt Romney, who carefully avoided saying anything to help our troops who are fighting for their lives. It is incomprehensible that a candidate for president, who could be the Commander in Chief of our armed forces, forgot all about them. Perhaps he thought that mentioning them would bring to the fore the success the president had in shutting down the war in Iraq, the death of Osama bin-laden, and the drawdown of troops in Afghanistan. 

Whatever the reason, the families of the troops should question the sincerity of Romney’s attitude to the armed forces. Michelle Obama in her presentation at the convention clearly showed how she and Jill Biden have been deeply involved in helping the families of fighting men cope with their many problems. Who did this at the Republican convention?

Despite the rhetoric of the republicans and the Augusta Chronicle, democrats were renewed and excited by the uniformity of the message at the convention which was – “re-elect Barack Obama!”

Lowell Greenbaum
Chairperson and Delegate
Richmond County Democratic Party

Kudos to the Congressional Black Caucus Institute and for hosting the Hospitality Central. Members of the media enjoyed during the DNC in Charlotte, NC, complimentary Southern Lowcountry breakfast, lunch buffet and open bar.

For those media workers with limited resources, such as independent reporters, saving in food was a wonderful experience. Thanks CBCI and VMB!

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