Friday, December 13, 2013

Budget Deals Chaotic in Augusta and Capitol Hill

The US Treasury Secretary still is in office in spite that the budget bill passed by the House of Representatives yesterday have more enemies than friends. In Augusta, Georgia, meanwhile, to make the chaotic week at the national level weak, the Richmond County Commission decided Monday to fire Fred Russell because 7 of them didn’t like the budget proposal for 2014 presented by the City Administrator, among other things.

The office of the US Senator Bernie Sanders, who might run for President in 2016, released the fallowing:

The House on Thursday approved a budget bill. The 332-94 vote sent the measure to the Senate, where Sens. Bernie Sanders and Tom Harkin are undecided because the agreement does not include emergency unemployment benefits, according to The Hill. It is unsure that enough Senate Republicans will vote for the budget bill and avoid a government shutdown. Sanders also was disappointed that the measure fails to end corporate tax breaks and subsidies, like one that Rep. Keith Ellison mentioned on MSNBC. “Sen. Bernie Sanders and I have found $110 billion over ten years with of giveaway loopholes to the fossil fuel industry.”

Community Health Centers: Sen. Sanders met last Thursday with physicians and administrators at the Gifford Medical Center. Its designation as a community health center makes it eligible for hundreds of thousands of federal dollars, The Herald of Randolph reported. “We’re excited at what you’re doing,” Sophie Kasimow, staff director for a Senate subcommittee, said at the end of the hour-long meeting.

VA Backlog: A senior Veterans Affairs Department official predicted at a Senate hearing chaired by Sen. Sanders that a backlog of almost 400,000 claims for disability benefits will be eliminated by 2015. Sanders said that the backlog can be attributed in part to the department’s slow transition from paper to a digital records system, reported. The chairman asked VA for a report by January on improving the claims appeals process. Fierce Government reported.

Tempers Flare in Senate: If there is a rock bottom in the frayed relationship between Senate Republicans and Democrats, it seemed uncomfortably close as the final days of 2013 on Capitol Hill degenerated into something like an endurance contest to see who could be the most spiteful. Thursday brought the week’s second late-night session — called by Democrats as a way of retaliating for Republicans’ delaying tactics on confirmations — and before the senators headed in for the votes, they were angrily assigning blame. “I think it resembles fourth graders playing in a sandbox,” Sen. Lamar Alexander told The New York Times. Sen. Richard Blumenthal called this week “chaotic and confusing, and a shameful waste of time.”

From The Liberty Federation:
Speaker Boehner reminds me of Ephialtes of Trachis, the Greek traitor that sold out the 300 Spartans to the Persians. He seems to be unable to fight because of his own political and character deformities. Have you ever seen a “leader” cry more? He is weak and is what my drill instructor would call a “soup sandwich.”
It is Boehner’s recent “budget deal” that betrays fiscal conservatives in Congress that the true parallel is shown. Conservatives in Congress account for less than 20%, but have been able stop some of Obama’s fiscal destruction.

Boehner has just given King Obama a path around a critical defense for Conservatives in Congress. Congress should be shutting down Obama's failed big government, not funding it.

Why do you think the liberals and media were so upset when the Tea Party Members of Congress "shutdown the government?" Their greatest fear came true when no one was affected by the "shutdown."

Call Your Member of Congress at the Capitol Switchboard (202) 224-3121 and tell them to vote no on this deal:
- It busts through the so-called “spending caps” set in place by the sequester.
- It taxes and spends more.
- It spends now with supposed savings coming later.

This new budget deal is being praised by some members of Congress, including the two leaders in charge of authoring it, Republican Paul Ryan and Democrat Patty Murray, for cutting $28 billion in spending over TEN years. That's right, you read that correctly. TEN YEARS!

The national debt is $17 trillion with an estimated $90 trillion in unfunded liabilities. Yet, we're supposed to rejoice and pat them on the back for cutting $28 billion over 10 years? Who are they kidding? Not us!

Congress wants to act like they are doing a fabulous job with this 'bi-partisan budget deal', but what they are ultimately doing is lying to themselves, to us, and screwing us, the American taxpayer, in the process. Do not continue to stand for this nonsense!

“There are two ways to conquer and enslave a country. One is by the sword. The other is by debt.”
John Adams

Augusta City Administrator Fired
The leaders of -still- the Second Largest City in Georgia Augusta-Richmond County Commission fired Monday the City Administrator, Russell, after 8 years on the job. During an emergency legal meeting with 7 commissioners of 10 while 3 of them and the Mayor were absents.

The move came after the last heated regular session about the budget and after 3 attempts during the years to get rid of the Administrator by other composition of the Commission, not only for disagreements with the budget proposal but the operating style of Russell. Some blame the Augusta Charter of 1996.

The apparent ‘legislative coup’ didn’t provide a successor for the Administrator and all kind of speculations are flying in the neighborhoods, from Hephzibah to West Augusta .

Augusta Administrator Fired from Bienvenidos Press on Vimeo.

Interview with Mr. Russell a few months ago.

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