Thursday, June 27, 2013

"Senate Passes Sweeping Immigration Legislation"

WASHINGTON, D.C - With 68 votes against 32, the Senate passes SB 744, more like sweeping under the rug 11 millions estimated people without permit to leave in the Union legally. The bill with some provisions that might help some individuals do not protect families and specially children, according to its critics. Some senators elude it as the "Halliburton Bill" for the possibility to get most of the border security contracts and the construction of 700 miles of "Berlin Wall" with Mexico.

But the bill is already dead for the House of Representantatives, controled by republicans, who pledge to abort any legislation that could normalize the status of people already working in the country, studying or contributing with their businesses to the economy.

Some immigration reform activists fear that the dominated republican House might pass a legislation worst to the bill passed by the Senate, just to pass something. Many representatives are going to run for reelection next year and they can use the passing of a bill in their favor, no matter how bad is for the 11 millions leaving without papers in the country.

In the July edition of Bienvenidos Press SB 744 will be discussed in deep and trying to explain what to expect if the House of Representatives do nothing by December 31.

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