Saturday, June 8, 2013

Georgia U.S. Senate Race Unique Candidate

AUGUSTA, GA - In the June edition of Bienvenidos Press it is being mentioned the possibility to enter in the race for the Georgia U.S. Senate seat an unique candidate. According to the publication a business man from Evans is considering to run for the seat in November 2014. The republican Saxby Chambliss decided not to run for reelection. The Korean-American businessman if announces his candidacy could be the first ever to run as a republican. Georgia desperately is begging change.

Chambliss did surprised many when earlier this year announced he will not seek reelection and just days ago said that rapes in the military are not surprising for him.

The other republican already in the race for the Georgia U.S. Senate seat, current District 10 congressman Paul Broun, is also famous for calling science a satanic originated stuff.

The electorate of Georgia might beg for change in the Senate in order to put somebody who will work for the better of Georgia and the nation and not be embarrassed by their representatives way of thinking and worst: letting know everybody in the world how bizarre and awkward they are.

Eugene C. Yu is mentioned by Bienvenidos Press as the potential runner for the Georgia U.S. Senate seat. If Yu decides to enter the race he will have to confront heavy weight politicians during the Republican primary, and he is considered new or unknown in politics, according to Bienvenidos Press.

Meanwhile the Democratic Party will have to find still a candidate who is not part of the 'machine' in order to be electable and to appeal the party electorate and indepents in Georgia.

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