Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bye Augusta Mail Processing

Augusta, GA. The USPS hasn't said when the processing center will close in 2012, but official announcement was made on 2, 23. Back in December, they issued a moratorium that said no facilities will close before May. The moratorium was intended to allow Congress to come up with alternative plans to help save facilities like Augusta's mail processing center in downtown. 144 jobs will be gone to Columbia or Macon, sooner than later.

The irony of the mail processing in Augusta closing down is that the excuse giving is to save money in spite of all the argument presented against by formers and current postal employees. The cost of moving the plant from Augusta to Columbia or Macon will not save costs and it will make dysfunctional the whole delivery system, according to critics to the move.

While expansions are not slowing down in Fort Gordon, the Georgia Health Science University and Augusta State University are forced to consolidate in one institution with workers lay off and now more workers will join the unemployment statistics as soon as the mail processing in downtown is gone.

The Prison Complex and the Military Complex industries are not going short on taxpayers money. There is always budget for those industries and Plant Vogtle. Therefore those postal workers and high education unemployed people could change career to survive applying to the Department of Defense and Department of Energy and also become correctional officers.

But no panic, our legislators and local governments are working hard to move non partisan elections from November to July and going after women vagina and building big empty spaces or jails to save jobs and creating jobs. Not funny.

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