Friday, January 27, 2012

Republican Commissioner Sentenced to 20 Years

EVANS, GA - Former republican commissioner Scott Dean has been sentenced to 20 years in jail, followed by 20 years probation. Dean was convicted of child molestation -kids adopted from Guatemala- in December. His wife, Renee, was visibly upset in the courtroom this morning. Dean's attorney plans to appeal.
   Captain Steve Morris with the Columbia County Sheriff's Office says that Dean will stay at the Columbia County Jail for some time and will "probably" be transferred to Coastal State Prison in Savannah, also for an undetermined amount of time.  Dean's "classification" will determine where he spends the majority of his sentence.
   12-15-11. The jury found the former republican politician Scott Dean guilty on the charges of touching his adopted daughter from Guatemala and exposing himself.
   2-4-2011. It played out in less than nine hours, former republican commissioner Scott Dean turned himself in, was granted bond, and is now back on the streets Friday afternoon.
Dean was indicted for two counts of child molestation.
 “It’s alleged that he touched (name removed) inappropriately. It’s alleged that he exposed himself to her and made a comment that he wanted to have sexual intercourse with her. At the time she was under 16,” says the Assistant District Attorney.
Dean had a team of supporters, including his wife Renee, by his side. His defense attorney described family life at home for Dean.
 “The Dean’s adopted five Guatemalan children in 2008. The Dean’s have been involved in missionary work through their church,” says Theodocion.
  Prosecutors say the investigation all began with a letter, written in concern from a close family friend.
“Because of that letter, DFACS came in and they did an investigation. Because of their investigation they removed the children from the Dean home. They also interviewed the children in this case. As a result of those interviews, that has given us the basis for this indictment,” adds The Assistant District Attorney.
  No word yet about the future for the children remaining in foster care. Also, there is a mystery surrounding the older adapted girl, now with a baby, returned from Mexico where she escaped to with an older Mexican national when she was 17.
 This case could not come in a worse time for the Republican Party in moments when the immigration reform debate is being heated again in a presidential election year. The children that were hoping a bright future in the US from embattled Guatemala now living in the limbo due to a republican politician who could not control himself.
  Dean has being in trouble with an extramarital affair, also, before the child molestation charges.
12-2010. Statement from Scott Dean (via email):
  When our oldest daughter, Marlin ran away we immediately contacted law enforcement.  Columbia County Sheriff's Office, Burke County Sheriff's Office and the Harlem Police Department were consulted.  
  As these agencies investigated, they brought in the Department of Family and Children's Services to assist.  Since that time allegations, insinuations and lies were leaked to the media.  These leaks have caused irreparable harm to our family.  
  My wife and I are outraged at the total lack of respect for our privacy.  These accusations are completely false, and we will be totally vindicated.  
 Renee and I appreciate the thoughts, prayers, calls and support throughout this ordeal.  We remain focused on the goal of having all our children home very soon.  

 Commissioner Scott Dean

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